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Interested to make your automated betting solution? Read on!
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If you always wanted to make a betting bot that will make you money while you sleep (and you have the development skills to do so), we have a perfect solution for you!

Sportmarket is offering an API solution for all your trading needs. To have API enabled in your Sportmarket PRO account, your account will be charged the one-time €500 fee.

Additionally, in order to use the API service, there is a turnover-based charge that will be added to every placed bet; a preview of the charges can be found below:

  • 0 - 100k is charged 0.5% - up to 500

  • 100k - 250k is charged 0.45% - up to 675

  • 250k - 500k is charged 0.4% - up to 1000

  • 500k – 750k is charged 0.35% - up to 875

  • 750k – 1m is charged 0.3% - up to 750

  • 1m – 1.5m is charged 0.25% - up to 1250

  • 1.5m – 2m is charged 0.2% - up to 1000

  • 2m – 4m is charged 0.15% - up to 3000

  • 4m+ is charged 0.125%

The charges displayed are banded (all amounts are in GBP) and will be deducted after each placed bet, regardless if the bet has been won or lost. The turnover amounts and API charges displayed are reset at the end of the month.

Example: If you make 300,000 turnover in a month, you will get charged 500 (for 0 - 100k turnover) + 675 (for 100k - 250k turnover) + 200 (0.4% of 250k - 300k).

Then next month, the counter gets back to 0 and we start from 0 - 100k.

API Documentation can be found on the link here. Our service provider is not offering any demo/trial period for their API and we suggest that you get familiar with the API documentation provided above.

IMPORTANT: Every API user is required to make at least 60,000 in turnover every month to retain API access.

In circumstances where the necessary turnover has not been reached on a monthly level, API services will be disabled. Reactivation is possible upon your request, however, please keep in mind additional activation fees might be charged.

For any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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