KYC Verification

What documents you will need in order to verify your account

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Sportmarket is obligated to do a verification check as per IOM licence requirements.
To verify your Sportmarket account, please send the following documents here:

1. A clear photocopy of your government-issued ID document:

  • International Passport, or

  • Front and back side of ID Card, or

  • Front and back side of Driver's License (if the expiry date of the document is not stated, please provide us with an international passport).

Please find the necessary photo requirements examples below:

2. Furthermore, we would need a proof of residence document not older than three (3) months showing your Personal Information (name, surname, and address) that can be sent in an original online .pdf form or a printed document with all four edges included (leave some background on each side of the document):

Acceptable documentation:

  • Bank or Credit card statement

  • Utility bills such as electricity/gas/water/TV/Internet bills,

  • Official government taxes or proof of residence from the local municipality or the Police.

Kindly note that we do not accept mobile phone bills.

In certain cases, Sportmarket reserves the right to request two (2) ID documents and two (2) proof of residence documents to verify a customer's account.

After the KYC procedure has been finished your account will be fully verified and you will be notified via email.

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