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What is Refer a Friend?
What is Refer a Friend?

Explanation on our Refer a Friend promotion and how you can earn with it

Written by Viktor V
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Also known as a referral program, Refer a Friend is a promotion where you can earn a monetary reward by getting others to join Sportmarket. Both parties would benefit as you will get €100 while the friend you referred will get €50.

You need to have an active and verified Sportmarket account, and after your friend gets verified with us, contact our support team and we will deposit the money into your accounts.

There are a few Terms and Conditions that apply to this promotion:

  • You must have at least a 2 months old verified account and a turnover of at least €10,000.

  • Your friend must not be affiliated with any other user.

  • Your friend may not already have a Sportmarket account.

  • Your friend must make a €5,000 Turnover.

  • Your friend must use the account for at least a month.

  • Please make sure to contact us as soon as your friend is registered with us upon your suggestion (two weeks after his registration at the latest) so we can credit your bonuses once all the terms have been met.

  • Sportmarket reserves the right to not pay the reward if customers breach any of the above-mentioned rules or try to abuse the bonus structure in any way possible (including, but not limited to multiple accounts per same household, multi-accounting and similar).

If these requirements are met, get in touch with us once your Friend reaches the required turnover and we will issue the Refer a Friend rewards to both of you. 

Please note that only bets that have action, such as a win or lose, will count towards the turnover requirements. For example, void/push bets do not count.

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