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How do I enable cryptocurrency payments?
How do I enable cryptocurrency payments?

Information on the T&Cs for enabling cryptocurrency payments on your user account

Written by Viktor V
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The first step is to contact our Support Team and state that you wish to enable cryptocurrency payments.

We currently support BTC, USDC and USDT crypto payments

You will then receive the necessary information and T&Cs, as stated below:

  • Your account will be flagged as "Crypto only", meaning, all transactions can be accepted solely in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

  • You can only use one cryptocurrency at a time.

  • As Sportmarket accounts can be held only in EUR, the conversion of your cryptocurrency will be done according to the Kraken conversion rate at the moment of the transfer.

  • The minimum deposit/withdrawal (unless the total balance) is EUR 50 in the selected cryptocurrency value.

  • All deposits and the first withdrawal in a month are free of charge. Any upcoming withdrawals in the same month will be subject to a 2% fee (minimum EUR 5). Deviations from the previous are possible at our finance department's discretion.

  • Cryptocurrency withdrawal can be exclusively issued to a single address previously determined during the deposit (back to the wallet from which the payment was initiated).

  • Enclosed additional documentation is mandatory for verification of the Crypto account.

  • The user transfer option will be disabled if you opt for this payment option.

Thereafter, you can let your support agent know whether you accept the above terms and they will proceed with the crypto payment activation for your account.

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