Infamous, but sometimes necessary
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Try and forget everything you have known about SingBet. Yes, they have a nasty tendency to void certain bets, but in recent times, we have worked extensively and hard to try and minimise the number of voided bets that come from SingBet.

Having SingBet is a very good addition to the already amazing bookmaker/exchange portfolio that is offered on Sportmarket PRO. With them, you will sometimes get good odds on events that are not offered by other partners.

We do offer SingBet and it can be included in your list of available bookmakers. SingBet is not activated by default on a user's account as they are known for voiding bets (in most cases winning bets, but they also void losing bets in some instances) without any understandable (and in most player's view "unfair") reason - normally only stating that the bet was "abnormal". This is something we cannot influence.

SingBet is still offered to customers that are aware of the risk. We have plenty of customers who think it is worth taking the risk as they will always get one or more points extra on the odds when a bet is placed with SingBet and they are usually the only bookmaker offering markets on specific events.

If several bookmakers give the same odds for a bet, our system will place the bet with other bookmakers first to minimise exposure against voided bets.

It seems the risk of having a bet voided is present, no matter if betting on a Pre-game or In-play and possibly if a tipping service is followed, as many players may be hitting the line at the same time then. Thus, there is no parameter that grants the bet will not be voided by this bookie but you can always disable them via the "Bookies" menu in your Sportmarket Pro Settings.

If you want us to add SingBet to your trading portfolio, please contact us and we will sort it out for you.

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