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What does Sportmarket offer?
What does Sportmarket offer?

General information about Sportmarket's offer

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As the leading and most respectable Bet-broker service in the world, Sportmarket offers all customers the best trading experience possible. By offering Sportmarket PRO and Direct Accounts, we are certain every betting enthusiast will find something that suits their trading activities.

Sportmarket PRO Account

Sportmarket PRO is a free service integrating several different bookmakers, markets and liquidity into a single account. The best odds are updated in real-time and changes are often displayed quicker than on the bookmakers' own sites providing users with a significant betting advantage.

Below you can find the list of the bookmakers that are featured on Sportmarket PRO:

  • PS3838

  • Betfair


  • Matchbook

  • Smarkets

  • BetISN

  • IBCbet


  • JAbet

  • 18bet

  • Sharp

  • 3et

  • Molly Exchange

The advantage of this service is the overview of all odds in one place and the ability to bet with all of them or to place bets only with the bookmaker offering the best odds for your preferred match. Sportmarket PRO offers trading on the following sports:

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Cricket

  • eSports

  • Tennis

  • American Football

  • Baseball

  • Ice Hockey

  • Rugby Union

  • Rugby League

  • Boxing

  • MMA

  • Golf

  • Handball

  • Darts

  • Horse Racing

The minimum stake while trading with Sportmarket PRO is €5.

Direct accounts

We understand that sometimes there are specific markets that are not offered on the PRO platform. We can offer you direct accounts with the following partners:

These accounts are separate from Sportmarket PRO. They are opened directly with the partner which gives you full access to their offer. This means you will log in and place bets directly on the bookmaker's website.

Direct accounts will be connected to your Sportmarket Main account which gives you the advantage of moving funds easily between various platforms that are under Sportmarket's umbrella.

In order to open a direct account, kindly let us know which one sparks your interest and we will provide you with further guidelines.

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