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What is future fulfilment and how do I use it?
What is future fulfilment and how do I use it?

Everything you need to know about future fulfilment

Written by Viktor V
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What is future fulfilment?

Future fulfilment allows users to set a price and stake that is currently not available in the market and queue the order until it can be matched. The placement algorithm will continuously monitor the market until the price satisfies the placement criteria and then automatically execute bets to fill the requested volume, without the need for further manual interaction.

How do I use it?

The future fulfilment option will be seen as Timeout on the PRO platform. You simply request the bet you want and choose a placement time in the betslip during which time the matching algorithm will try to match the bet. The bet, or part of it, will either be matched or if time expires or the game starts (if you have requested a pre-game bet), the order will be withdrawn. You can cancel the order manually at any time unless the bet has just been initiated with some bookmaker.

You will be able to set a maximum placement time of 72 hours for soccer and 2 hours for Tennis, Basketball, American Football and Baseball. For other sports, the placement time may vary, as it is harder to get accurate information on when games start. You can then choose the length of time that you wish the future fulfilment order to remain open. Once this time elapses the order will close and there will be no further placement attempts. 

See the example picture below:

Once the future fulfilment order has been ‘placed’ into the market using the betslip, our matching algorithm will listen for any price changes. The recent orders bar at the bottom of the page will change to reflect the number of pending and recent orders you have and will create a pending bet.
Click on the image to see it better:

As with all orders it can be cancelled at any time by clicking the red ‘X’ on the right-hand side. Next to the cancel icon, you will also see the dollar sign and graph icon. The dollar sign icon opens the position grid while the graph icon shows the price data history data based on the prices and bookies you have available. 

If the market price satisfies the requested odds then the system will automatically attempt the placement as if a user had clicked Place when the price and volume were available in the market. The bet bar and order page will update to reflect this.
Click on the image to see it better:

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