Make your own perfect trading BOT!

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Tradeball is a product somewhat similar to our Sportmarket PRO service, however, it has a twist where you, as a customer, will be able to “teach it” what to look for and which bets to place! With Tradeball, you would be able to create your perfect bot, select several different parameters and “tell” the bot what to look for and which bets to place.

For the moment (and foreseeable future), you can only wager on Football. Tradeball aggregates odds from Pinnacle, Betfair, ISN, Sharpbet, IBC and SBO; so once the bot recognises that all requested parameters are met – the bet will be placed on the highest odds available in the moment of placement.

Here is what the Bot Interface looks like and what the parameters you can select while creating a bot.

Sportmarket Tradeball Trading Bot

You can also select different Conditions for your bet; eg. if the game situation is Live of Prematch, if the favourite is Home or Away, what is the Handicap line etc.

Getting your own Tradeball account is fairly easy, you only need to have €50 available in your Sportmarket Main account and reach out to us via the Chat button.

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